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Getting your Stride

25 Aug

HEY! I’m alive! Sorry for the respite, but I decided to try a small experiment which I will report on later. For now …


I was watching, during a rest the other day, a passing runner in dream like fixation. One hand crocked under the armpit, the other flailing at the side, and a syncopated gate lead by the left foot, this runner had a rhythmic trance on me only a passing train could break. Amazingly, this runner seemingly timed the wagging of the crocked hand, flailing hand, and gate to their breathing. It was as if this runner was moving in one big breath. I loved it.


But then I got nervous, do I look that weird when I’m running? What do I look like when I’m running?  Aside from some not-so-flattering/maybe flattering MarathonFotos® or reflections in windows or cars, I’ve never really gotten a full look at what my stride looks like. So I took a nice cool day in August (I know, it’s weird to type that, but we’ve been lucky this summer) to sit on a bench in a highly run area to do a little research. Below is my analysis of the types of strides:

  • Swishy hips– You hips don’t lie, and I’m going to bet your IT band doesn’t either, but you make it know you are here, you are fierce, and you are going to saunter your way past my jiggle darn it (insert Z snap here).
  • Butt kicker–Some people have the ability to kick their own butt while running in the most literal sense, and not because of the intensity of the workout. These runners often have knees that point straight to the earth mid-stride making them look as if they might topple over if pushed. images
  • Jazz hands–Well, maybe not entirely, but they look like they are performing the final number of a Fosse piece with all the effort of the first line for the entire length of the run. I always want to get really close to them and pass the baton or at least put something in a hand. images
  • Jesus- Please see picture –>  images (He’s going to go make us some wine next).


  • Perfect Peter of Patty-You are the person anonymously photographed for running magazines because your stride is “So Prefontaine”.images


  • In Sync- You have either found the perfect running partner or your arch nemesis. You hit the ground in the same way, at the same time, at the same rate. Even when you push for more, you do it the same … creepy images

And my personal favorite,

  • The injured runner OR I’m not enjoying this/is it over yet– All of this almost always looks exactly like this:



Regardless of what you look like, you should NOT be in pain while running. If the way you have been running is making your hip, knee, ankle, arm, or any other body part hurt, you should look into seeing a trainer about having your stride or even your shoes (yes, those can impact the way your feet hit the ground and your stride) adjusted. Most noted running stores will offer FREE advice. FREE. Just remember, sometimes you get what you pay for.

Get out there with someone and go for a couple of miles, go to the gym really early or late, or face the mirror on the dreadmill and see what the world sees for a couple of minutes. After that image is burned in your mind you have two choices: Deal with it by making necessary changes (30 days breaks a habit), or forget about it and keep doing what works. If crocking my hand in my armpit saved me 40 seconds, I’d do it … seriously.

But just incase … see the following link for helpful tips!