All the detz on FGR …

This blog is dedicated to those who are fat, running, fat runners, or like running.

I started this blog about (5 years ago mentally) one year ago to chronicle my journey and struggles with weight issues stemming from a number of health issues including P.C.O.S and overall bad genetics. I want other runners who struggle with staying healthy, not just thin and fit, to have a place to come to find the spark of information or a place to talk.

I also love a good laugh and am a chronic “over sharer”, so my anecdotes serve a purpose of not only exemplification but human folly. Learn, laugh, and share your own triumphs and fails, because, hey, we’re all yoloing, right?

Lastly, Fat Girl Running was established to prove that even though we, the physical “square pegs”, the unassuming shapes, who wouldn’t ever be labeled “athlete” are in fact athletic and celebrated.

*All photos (that are originally mine) and text on this website are copyrighted and belong to me. Any use without my permission is strictly prohibited and totally uncool. *

Thank you for taking the time to read and share your day with me šŸ™‚


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