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I’ve Got You Covered … Underthings

9 Aug

*Note: This post is intended to lead the reader in the correct direction to find the correct pair of unders for running. I am not a qualified or professional fitter. 

As the self-proclaimed Fat Girl Running, I will admit readily that my bum is rather large. Duh, sighs the view, but click not away yet. Even not-so-fat, to regular shaped ladies have issues with their bottoms, and to my delight and surprise, some men also have booty issues (truth … ask my brother-in-law).


It seems, no matter how far, or inclined, or lunged (?) I’ve attempted to run, my bum has been, and always will be my partner in crime. Fine. Whatever. I’ll just be that gal. And with the passing trends, some years, it’s even stylish to have a nice booty (thank you, Beyonce, J-Lo, et al). But when running, the thing back there can cause one major, not so comfortable issue to deal with: A wedgie. For those not familiar with what that means (or the English language in general), a wedgie is when your underwear gets lodged in your butt crack. Not in a good way, not in a comfortable way, and not in an easy-to-remove-nobody-will-ever-notice way.

butt_display_image (She’s not tense about running, she just really wants to pick that wedgie!)

Wedgies, if we break my running time into percents, take up about 15% of my time (yeah, that much). I have learned to designate specific, no-wedgie unders for run days, but alas, there are weeks when I slack on laundry and I am without my favorite pair(s).

While oh-so gracefully attempting to look ask if nothing was going on behind me during my last run, I got to thinking about if anyone else had been thinking about this same problem … Do they actually make specific underwear for runners that guarantee NO wedgie?

One quick Google trip separated me from a plethora of information. Below are a few bits from the two best:

RUNNER’S WORLD (aka The Bible for runners): http://www.runnersworld.com/running-apparel/brief-encounter

As per the link above, this adorable article goes over a few different types of unders for both guys and gals for different issues: Support, comfort, coverage, … oder … take a look.

PREVENTION (A place to go BEFORE you have an issue): http://www.prevention.com/fitness/fitness-tips/best-underwear-exercisers

Their first recommendation is to go to the manufactures’ website and find your correct side on the size chart … I know. But (no pun intended) this does bring up a great point–just like a bra must fit correctly to work correctly, unders should fit correctly to do the same. Besides, no one needs to see the tag EVER.

By clicking through the slides you can get the low down on what to wear down low (welcome). They cover different types of exercises which require different types of outerwear.


I found with just the help of these sites, I was able to narrow my sites on what I really wanted to order in bulk and try out. I know I need fuller coverage, a boy brief, something with a non-chaffing elastic, and that stays dry (damp unders are a real bummer)  BUT has a cotton crotch. Mom was right … cotton is a must for the lady area. Here’s a really scary, really true story from college:

My friend G and I went to the gym, a bunch, especially after long nights of drinking, to work out together. One day, when I went to meet her for lunch, she wasn’t dressed, and she grabbed me from the hall and into her room. She looked panicked.

“I have a … pimple.”


“No, … down there … Well, kinda up down there.”


“You think it  could be serious?”

“I have no idea?! How long has it been there?”

“I just noticed it. Can you come with me to the doctor’s?”

So I got to skip lunch and go to the school infumary. Thirty minutes, a long list of all the guys my friend had slept with, and one brief but humiliating conversation later, my good friend learned the importance of changing out of her thong before working out for long periods of time as it can cause chaffing and blisters in places we may never look.

I do NOT advise working out in anything that does not cover you, but if you like and it works for you, go for it. Long and short of it is, whether it is long or short, whatever you wear down there make sure it give you support and breathability. It is the most important region of you body, cover it wisely 🙂